• The foundation’s overriding purpose is to empower the local communities in Gambela, Ethiopia, the poorest region in the country by involving them in life-changing sustainable development projects such as Modern Beekeeping, small-scale brick production, fish farming, income-generating solar energy project, and Fruit/Vegetable gardening to reduce the cycle of poverty.
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Our Mission 

  • To create life-changing sustainable projects, preserve the environment and improve healthcare & education in Gambella, Ethiopia

Our vision:

  • Empowering local communities to achieve a sustainable future

Our values:

  • Long-term commitment to make a difference
  • Sustainable community led projects
  • Ensure that indigenous communities have a positive future
  • Efficient and effective use of all our funds
Why choose Marwa Foundation Inc?

Because you have the ability to make a real difference. By getting involved you become part of life-changing opportunities that will impact many lives in Gambela, Ethiopia. You may be one person, but you can change the lives of hundreds of people. Join us to make a differenceYou have the passion and compassion, we have the ideas. 

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Marwa Foundation Inc., is a USA registered 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, EIN 37-1908592.
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