Marwa Foundation, Inc. history: Marwa Foundation, Inc. is a charity registered in the US working to improve the environment, support educational and healthcare activities in Gambela, Ethiopia. The charity was founded in 2018 by Akway Amulu and his wife Ajulu Othow to honor their late son Marwa Omot. Marwa Omot committed suicide in 2009 after suffering mental illness. He was a 26 years-old generous and kind young man.

The foundation’s overriding purpose is to empower the local communities in Gambela, Ethiopia, the poorest region in the country by involving them in life-changing sustainable development projects such as beekeeping, small-scale brick production, fish farming income generating solar energy, and fruit and vegetable gardening to reduce the cycle of poverty.

Our Mission:

  • To create life-changing sustainable projects, preserve the environment and improve healthcare & education in Gambella, Ethiopia

Our vision:

  • Empowering local communities to achieve a sustainable future

Our values:

  • Long-term commitment to make a difference
  • Sustainable community led projects
  • Ensure that indigenous communities have a positive future
  • Efficient and effective use of all our funds

How we do it

  • We will run sustainable development projects.
  • We will work closely with local communities, NGOs, districts, regional and national governments.
  • We will use simple locally sorted innovative solutions
  • We will work hard to reduce poverty, diseases; improve environment, support healthcare & education.

 How we use your money:

  • Charitable Activities:     80%
  • Administration/Fundraising: 20%

Marwa Foundation is an international nonprofit organization working to create a sustainable future for the local communities in Gambela, Ethiopia. Our charitable activities will center in Gambela, Ethiopia with our focus on the environment, healthcare, education, and sustainable development projects.  We seek charitable contributions from individuals, foundations, corporations & governments to help us grow, sustain and scale our operations.