Fuel-Efficient cookstoves: 

Marwa Foundation will introduce Fuel-Efficient Cookstove to many households in Gambela to save the trees and women’s lives. Open firewood cooking is harmful to women and the environment. 

Forest Conservation: 

Marwa Foundation will work with communities on forest conservation projects to preserve forests from being cut down for subsistence and commercial farming.  

Tree Planting: 

Marwa Foundation will establish a number of tree planting projects in Gambella region to replace trees that are being cut for building, charcoal, and farming. Protecting forests is beneficial to all species because trees are sources of the oxygen we breathe, the rain that helps crops grow, and is a habitat for birds and animals. 

Modern Beekeeping Project 

Marwa Foundation will develop beekeeping as a sustainable livelihood in rural communities in Gambela to increase incomes, reduce poverty, and improve biodiversity. It’s a reliable income-generating activity that can help the marginalized and excluded indigenous communities in rural Gambela improve their livelihoods. 

Fruit and Vegetable project 

Marw Foundation will establish fruit and vegetable projects enlisting expert assistance to train local farmers on how to grow fruit and vegetable. The demand for fruits and vegetable is high in the Gambela region and Local farmers producing fruits & vegetables can earn sustainable livelihoods and quality of life selling their produce to households, restaurants, and retail outlets.  



Marwa Foundation will run a local preschool that help children develop social and emotional skills and prepare for a primary school. Preschools are foundations for learning both socially and academically. 

Community Library: 

Marwa Foundation will establish a community library in Gambela, Ethiopia where everyone can come and get valuable educational resources including access to internet for information. Library is an essential source of basic learning  

Housing for orphans & vulnerable children: 

Marwa Foundation will build housing or shelter for orphans and vulnerable children. Orphans in Gambela, Ethiopia, not only cope with the loss of their parents, they also deal with housing, food, and safety challenges. Providing them with essential support services such as housing, food, safety and education can improve their wellbeing. 

School Supplies: 

Marwa Foundation will partner with companies to provide school supplies to students in need Gambella Ethiopia. School supplies are important for learning. Basic needs like pencils, pens, paper and textbooks help students learn well.  


Disabilities and Rehabilitees Projects 

Marwa Foundation will establish a Disabilities and Rehabilitation project to improve quality of life for people living with disabilities by providing them with used and new mobility aids. Mobility aids such as canes, crutches, walkers and wheelchairs help people who have problems moving around enjoying freedom and independence and self-esteem. 

Community Clinic/Dispensary 

Marwa Foundation will establish a community health clinic/Dispensary in Gambela region where local community members can come for treatment and prescription medication. The clinic will also have a Mobile Medical Service(s) that can travel to remote villages that have no healthcare access to treat, diagnose and vaccinate people. 

Clean water & Improved Sanitation Projects 

Marwa Foundation will work to improve access to clean water and sanitation for local communities by providing them with clean water, toilets and latrines that have safe enclosures. It will also promote good hygiene habits through education. Safe water and sanitation is essential for human. Many people, mostly children die every year of water-borne diarrheal diseases and poor sanitation in Gambela, Ethiopia. 

Small-scale brick production project 

Marwa Foundation has a plan to start small-scale brick production project for sustainable livelihoods for the local communities in Gambela. Cleaner and sustainable brick production can provide local communities with durable homes, stable incomes and reduce deforestation.